Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow-topped muffins.


Last night, snowflakes descended on our world with a fury. A 13 inch fury to be exact. And while I'm not necessarily looking forward to shoveling out of this mess for work tonight, I am loving this morning where I can look outside and wish with all that's in me for a pair of snow pants. Because there's nothing more inviting that a foot of unaltered snow that's just begging to be played in. However, all of my snow gear still resides at my parents's house, celebration of snowpocalypse 2011, I baked. Snow-topped muffins.



And if you've never had a blue-berry, snow-topped muffin, come on over. I'll share-- well, at least one bite.

1 comment:

  1. mm, those look so good. I wish I could get over to you to share one. :) If only school and work didn't exist. :/ haha.