Saturday, June 30, 2012

"We're movin' on up!"

I never imagined watching The Jeffersons late at night on TvLand would ever influence my business, but as I sit here thinking of title related to moving, it takes all I can to not bust out with "We're movin' on up!  To the East Side!  To a deeeeeluxe apartment in the skyyyy!"  (To be completely honest, Internet, I did break out in song much to my husband's dismay.)

And while we - as a family - may not be physically moving, my blog is!  If you've bookmarked, favorited (pleeease let me not be the only one who did this), or are following my RSS feed, you're going to have to do a little extra work because my sweet, sweet blog's new address is...*drumrooooll*

As I said before, I've been a Blogger girl all my life, so I'm still working out WordPress kinks and playing with the amazing designs that ProPhoto has to offer (plus I can get rid of that nasty Blogger URL :: eww.)

But for now, this is home.  Home sweet home.  And its already filled with things I love: weddings, curly fonts, vintage frames, burlap textures...ah, I am getting comfy cozy already.

A huge thank you to my special tech support team: Ben from ProPhoto and Adam (my husband who wears many hats: second-shooter, graphic designer, drummer, teacher, and coordinator)!  You two take the cake!

And since no blog post is complete without a photo, here's Adam wearing another one of his hats during our wedding days: "I take the dresses and make sure they're flowing in the wind pretty."   My brides, this is dedication.  And just one more reason why I love him so much.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little here+there amidst changes on the horizon.

Anne of Green Gables is playing in the background (rather, my writing is taking a backseat to this film adaption of the books that have taken over my nightstand), and my mind is whirring in a thousand different directions.  Life hasn't seemed to calm down from the end of May, but I'm making conscious efforts to enjoy the small things here and there.

|| a little mix-up from my normal weekly post (and just a day late) ||

Belly rubs and cuddles (row one, picture one).

Early Morning Commutes with my husband (row two, picture one).

Annual Garage sales with all sorts of family :: babies, mamas, grandmamas (row one, picture three; row two, picture three; row three, picture one).

Staycations on a non-wedding weekend (what even IS that?!) filled with big breakfasts, movie nights, long walks, and antiquing (row three, pictures two-four; row four, picture three).

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This week is filled to the brim with activities (personal and business) -- all perfectly wonderful -- and I'm trying to keep my tank on full.  One of the biggest announcements is that my dear blog has finally made it to the big times :: ProPhoto!  I've been a Blogspot girl for four years, and the transition is hard in the making after perfecting my baby for so long.  But I am busily making things ready (as is Adam too -- wearing his "graphic design" hat for the week) and making it mine for the big reveal later this week!

Have a wonderful week, my friends!  See you on the other side! ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Steph :: Country Lovin' + Evening Sun

I've known Steph since I was in high-school.  Three academic years separated us, but I'm so thankful she bucked up the courage to pursue a friendship with me.  And I was even happier when she decided to attend GVSU where we could develop that friendship into something rich and true.  Age gaps are funny like that -- they don't matter nearly so much once you've reached a certain age, and Steph and I's history mirror each other well enough to make us kindred spirits. 

She's currently spending her summer in California with urban city youth :: teaching, reaching out to the poor, and pouring out her beautiful heart into her passions.  We were lucky enough to sneak in a day to see each other before she left, and she graciously let me take her into the country fields surrounding my childhood home to test out my new camera with the evening sun (that popped out just in time)!




Her heart is as beautiful as her face...and let me tell you, she is gorgeous! 




Thank you, Steph, for being brave and following your dreams...despite whatever fears you faced to get there.  You're an inspiration to others - specifically me - and I'm continually thinking and praying for you as you impact those on the west coast.  But I must say, I can't wait until you're back home! :)  Love you, friend!

(you can follow her story and adventures at her own blog!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Why not go out on a limb?"

I'm peacefully write this week's personal post snuggled in our warm bed (freshly laundered sheets with extra powder, might I add) -- a cat at my feet and my husband at my side.  The drier is still spinning another load (number seven of the day) and Pandora's "A Fine Frenzy" plus my iPhone's thunderstorm sound app add a soothing ambience to my favorite room of the house.  Maybe its the string the of twinkle lights Adam's hung above our headboard or the fact that I can still turn on our heated mattress pad for mid-day naps.  It could quite possibly be the stack of books I have on my nightstand (Anne of the Island being my current night-time read).  Or maybe its that everything's found its place here -- in its own nook and cranny -- and so have I.


Distance does make the heart grow fonder.  For humans, this rings true for Adam and I.  Whenever we were separated for a period of time, the first time we saw each other...I can only explain as butterflies.  Sweet, fluttering butterflies.  This must've been something we've passed on to our furry family because -- as you can see below -- they've wanted a lot of cuddle time.  Together.  On their own.  On the couch.  Heck, they'll even settle for a lap while Adam plays video games (row four, picture four).  And my personal favorite (uh-huhhh)...kneading my face and pillow simultaneously at 7AM (row three, picture two).  Because who doesn't like that kind of wake-up call?!


Anyone here on the west side of the state knows how to spend an afternoon in the latest 90+ degree weather: in the air conditioning.  Any photographer can empathize shooting an outdoor wedding in said weather.  I've never packed a wedding bag so specifically as to include travel deodorant (row four, picture two), but, hallelujah, I'm thankful (I'm sure Adam is too) I did!  
Tracie and Nathan's wedding day was perfect.  In hindsight, the rainstorm 3/4 of the way through the ceremony and the hail that followed might've put a damper on the party, but I tell you what -- I never stopped praying for sunshine, and God delivered plenty of it throughout the day.  I don't want to ruin anything for their upcoming blog feature, but as I was looking through Adam's First Look pictures (row four, picture three), my eyes welled up with tears and I was enthralled with her beauty, their love, Adam's talent, and the love for my job.  I am so lucky.

*(Instagram is a free app for iPhones (and now Androids!) that features various filters that are easy-to-use and make posting to Twitter, Facebook, and my blog (with the help of a personally-made Photoshop template), easy-peasy! You can follow me @brennigan)

I'm heading back home tomorrow for my parents' annual garage sale.  We have over five families worth of goodies to sell, and I've got an English grandma who will be needing me to take over the register when she has her afternoon tea. :)  I'm hoping to post a little country portrait love later this week, but until then, I leave you with the words of my friend Mark Twain...

"Why not go out on a limb?  That's where the fruit is."

Simple truths.  Take your step.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tracie + Nathan :: Wedding Sneak Peek!

If ever a wedding represented Pure Michigan, Tracie and Nathan's day would have taken the cake (wedding cake, that is)!  A sunny day with sporadic rain storms and even hail, but nothing could diminish the love we witnessed between these two this past Saturday.  We adored every aspect of your wedding, but we especially swoon over the both of you!  Here's a sneak peek from your day!