Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

After a brief reprieve from blogging and business for the holidays, I'm back in the office (which thankfully still includes yoga pants and hot cocoa). So now it's time for a bit of catch up in the form of numbers. Because I'm OCD. And that helps.


Cue love. Ah, sweet love.

Chelsea was the first senior to ever contact me for professional pictures. You could say she was the one that really pushed me into my business. And for her, I'll be forever grateful. So when she contacted me for a last-minute Christmas session with her boyfriend, I couldn't say no.

We had a gorgeous day in my home-town, walking around, laughing, and LOVING. Seriously, high-school sweethearts just doesn't begin to cover it.

Thank you, Chelsea, for another wonderful opportunity to do what I love-- documenting love! You guys are adorable!


New Year, New Love.

And this year, I'm in the process of booking two weddings for May! As a bride myself, I pride myself in knowing what these couples want...after all, I'm going through all those processes myself!

To see my updated packages (and galleries), just lead your mouse to my website.


New Year's Resolution? Blog at least once a week here. It's harder to blog in the winter when sessions are more sporadic, but if you see a lagging blog here, you can always click on my personal blog where I update more frequently. Plus, you'll get a taste of just who I am when I'm not on the job. :)

Happy Monday, all! Hope you are feeling blessed today!