Saturday, June 30, 2012

"We're movin' on up!"

I never imagined watching The Jeffersons late at night on TvLand would ever influence my business, but as I sit here thinking of title related to moving, it takes all I can to not bust out with "We're movin' on up!  To the East Side!  To a deeeeeluxe apartment in the skyyyy!"  (To be completely honest, Internet, I did break out in song much to my husband's dismay.)

And while we - as a family - may not be physically moving, my blog is!  If you've bookmarked, favorited (pleeease let me not be the only one who did this), or are following my RSS feed, you're going to have to do a little extra work because my sweet, sweet blog's new address is...*drumrooooll*

As I said before, I've been a Blogger girl all my life, so I'm still working out WordPress kinks and playing with the amazing designs that ProPhoto has to offer (plus I can get rid of that nasty Blogger URL :: eww.)

But for now, this is home.  Home sweet home.  And its already filled with things I love: weddings, curly fonts, vintage frames, burlap textures...ah, I am getting comfy cozy already.

A huge thank you to my special tech support team: Ben from ProPhoto and Adam (my husband who wears many hats: second-shooter, graphic designer, drummer, teacher, and coordinator)!  You two take the cake!

And since no blog post is complete without a photo, here's Adam wearing another one of his hats during our wedding days: "I take the dresses and make sure they're flowing in the wind pretty."   My brides, this is dedication.  And just one more reason why I love him so much.


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