Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little here+there amidst changes on the horizon.

Anne of Green Gables is playing in the background (rather, my writing is taking a backseat to this film adaption of the books that have taken over my nightstand), and my mind is whirring in a thousand different directions.  Life hasn't seemed to calm down from the end of May, but I'm making conscious efforts to enjoy the small things here and there.

|| a little mix-up from my normal weekly post (and just a day late) ||

Belly rubs and cuddles (row one, picture one).

Early Morning Commutes with my husband (row two, picture one).

Annual Garage sales with all sorts of family :: babies, mamas, grandmamas (row one, picture three; row two, picture three; row three, picture one).

Staycations on a non-wedding weekend (what even IS that?!) filled with big breakfasts, movie nights, long walks, and antiquing (row three, pictures two-four; row four, picture three).

*(Instagram is a free app for iPhones (and now Androids!) that features various filters that are easy-to-use and make posting to Twitter, Facebook, and my blog (with the help of a personally-made Photoshop template), easy-peasy! You can follow me @brennigan)

This week is filled to the brim with activities (personal and business) -- all perfectly wonderful -- and I'm trying to keep my tank on full.  One of the biggest announcements is that my dear blog has finally made it to the big times :: ProPhoto!  I've been a Blogspot girl for four years, and the transition is hard in the making after perfecting my baby for so long.  But I am busily making things ready (as is Adam too -- wearing his "graphic design" hat for the week) and making it mine for the big reveal later this week!

Have a wonderful week, my friends!  See you on the other side! ;)

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