Friday, October 29, 2010


has it really been a week & a half since i last blogged? yikes; i guess it has. :\

well, in my defense, it has been a crazy week & a half! last week was filled with talk of wedding shoots for next season. i spent lots of time researching other photographers and getting together a price list that offers a competitive price + inclusive package.

and now...i finally have a engagement/wedding package list all typed & printed, ready for those brides-to-be!

yesterday, my grandma was taken to the hospital for chest pain after she had passed out. she spent all day yesterday in the ER and now she will stay there until later tonight. and this afternoon, i'm off to do a senior session down on the farm! ;)

as you can imagine, it's be a little crazy here. i can't wait until monday when i post pictures from jake's session! stay tuned. :)

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