Wednesday, October 13, 2010

personal [my peace]

if you follow me on facebook, you would know that i went on a vacation for the past week. to my favorite place. my peace. its a tradition my family has had before i was even a thought in my mama's mind. a camping trip that ties together family + friends + flee markets + fair food + early morning breakfasts + hikes down to "the rock."

it was my fuel. it gave me the rest i needed to seek new perspective in my work. to challenge my current skills and reach a new potential.

i breathed.

i breathed in fall leaves and cinnamon spice. i breathed in squeezes from my nephews and kisses from my sweetheart. i breathed in my grandma's laugh and the feel of the wine bottle on my lips. i breathed in the muscle aches after horse-back riding and the night-time sounds from my tent.

i breathed in life. more than i have in a quite a while.
and it felt mighty fine.

mighty fine.

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