Saturday, October 16, 2010

portrait [trevor]

i've known trevor for 16 years. since he was in diapers, actually. i should, because, well, he's my cousin. :)

while i was home this past weekend to help my grandma work the garage sale, trevor came over. and since i had been desperate to use my new lens (50 mm, f/1.8 ii), he willingly obliged to a spur of the moment photoshoot.

he's a junior this year [he's growing up so fast!], and i'm so thankful that they've already booked me for senior pictures! :D if i could say "no"... ;)

we've gotten a lot closer over the summer, since he would stay with me at my grandma's after my grandpa had died. he's a sweet guy and very musically talented! i'm so proud of him!

i love you, trevor anthony!

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