Tuesday, October 19, 2010

children + family [emelia]

i've known emelia since she was born 9 months ago; and let me tell you folks, she's only getting cuter. her parents, heather + aaron, are my boyfriend's cousins, so they're practically family. this past saturday morning, we treked through the woods behind my apartment to a small clearing.

the day was cloudy the entire morning before they arrived; and finally, the sun broke through (after much praying on my patio!). the light in this clearing was just what we needed. not too much to blind us, but enough to illuminate this beautiful baby's face.

aren't they adorable?

we spent a good hour out there together until emelia let us know that she.was.hungry. and when she was hungry, we listened! we got to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up and playing with a happy (and full) baby girl.

thanks for coming up to holland, guys! i had a great time! :)

p.s. a big hoot'n'hollerin' "thank you" to adam for making emelia smile so much! i couldn't have done the shoot without you!

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