Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michigan Spring

No matter how long we endured the blizzards, the ice-scraping off our cars, the wind that left your lungs aching, and bundling up that took 10 minutes before setting out the door...Spring is always worth it. Especially Spring in Michigan.

As soon as the first 65 degree day hits, I have winter amnesia. I forget all those days where I swore I'd move in a heartbeat; somewhere warmer where the only place it gets to be 18 degrees is in your freezer. But this...oh, this makes it all worth it.


Dandelion covered fields, soft green grass, freshly stocked garden centers in Home Depot, open windows, picnics on blankets by the beach, having to wash off your feet before you crawl into bed, *thunderstorms*, the smell of your neighbor grilling outside, seasonal fresh fruit, not having to hold coats but instead hold hands, jogging outside, and my growth. On trees, bushes, flowers,...and even us as individuals.

It's an untouched season. A re-birth of all things stale and tired and cold. Transforming into something pure, beautiful, and new.


Welcome to Michigan and our perfect Spring.

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