Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Daddy, did you know...?"

All children seem to recognize dandelions as flowers. Their bright yellow florets mirror the life and vivacity of those who pick them as "flowers." Every mom's counter-top will display these proudly at least once. And the puff-balls that soon arrived after the brilliant yellows? Every one knows they're made for wishing.

I also picked these as a child, but Daddy made sure I knew they were weeds (he, of course, broke the news gently after I reached the precious age of 5). They were pretty, but not exactly what makes a perfectly groomed yard.

I still beg to differ.


"The dandelion plant is a beneficial weed, with a wide range of uses, and is even a good companion plant for gardening." (thank you, Wikipedia.)


Oh, yeah. Its still a weed, but OH! BENEFICIAL. And so, I'll keep my dandelions around for the love of all things innocent...well, at least in the backyard. ;)

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