Thursday, March 17, 2011

Only a Moment.

My iPhone read 67 degrees this afternoon. 67?! It hasn't been that warm in Michigan since, well, there were leaves on the trees. So, we're talking a good 5 months since we've felt warm wind, humid air, and real warmth outside of our homes filled with fireplaces and hot cocoa. And boy, did we need it.

When I walked out to my car this evening, I was greeted by a smuggy warmth. The humidity was tangible; like the air was dying for a release of raindrops. My skin was sticky to the touch, and I was overwhelmed by the scents of wet grass (not from snow, but from the first spring shower), fresh dirt- literally breathing its particles out from under its winter confines, and the air that the warm wind swept between my toes, around my chest, and into my senses.

I could breathe deeply and not feel the crushing cold in my lungs. There was no hunkering down or running to the safe haven that is my 1997 pontiac bonneville. I practically skipped down the stairs to the sidewalk and opened my arms (very Titanic-like with the exception of singing Come Fly with Me instead of Come Josephine) and was just there, in that moment, living fully.

Tomorrow, the temperature will dip back into the 40s, and weathermen are predicting more snow for next week. But today? Ah, today. Spring was here. If only for a moment.

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