Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Jack of All Trades.

Over the past three years, I've lost count of the things that Adam is able to do...and he does well. I mean, he is an expert (and confident) purse holder for me. And have I told you he likes to do the dishes and clean the toilet? And if that doesn't shock you, he even can fix all my car problems-- which primarily includes pumping my gas. But in all seriousness, Adam surpasses my expectations: both personally and professionally.

Mr. Fiancé is stepping up as my second shooter this wedding season. I've always admired husband+wife teams, and I couldn't be more excited to create our very own! Sometimes, I get a little dead-set in my ways...stubborn-minded and vision-stunted. Adam brings along an entire fresh perspective to my shoots not only with his own photographs but also with his ideas and suggestions.

Would you like proof?

Shamefully showing this to prove a point, but while I was getting this shot (with much too high setting of ISO),


Adam was getting this shot.


Which is both unique from my picture (the structure of the photo, placement of Livie & Douglas) and is basically drool-worthy. Its like God is visibly blessing their union right before our very eyes!


I am a very lucky woman: this I know. And while Adam may be a mechanic, chef, graphic designer, photographer, musician, and expert-spoiler, I am most excited for him to take on the role of husband. MY husband! only ! 5 ! Months !

Love you, babe! ;)

Have a great start to your week, readers! Purposely choose joy and make it a good Monday!

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