Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mix + Mash-up.

30+ hours at work plus photography plus feeding a social life is exhausting. And I'm putting my PJs on in 3 minutes and settling in my heated bed hours early tonight. So, in lieu of having a poetic post, I'm proposing a mix + mash up of good and bad things going on this week.

Minuses (-) for negative. Pluses (+) for positive. Pretty simple stuff.

- I think my eye sight is failing. Flailing. It sure is something because I'm looking at my iHome and the time is all fuzzy...and I can't even read the date. Am I getting old?
+ So there's this boy. Who is all smiles (wahooo!) and forehead wrinkles and just keeps getting cuter by the day. And next Tuesday, we've got a date. ;)


- I daily make a fool out of myself. Today, my co-worker had to tell me I had ink on my face (not the first time). I also had to ring out a transaction 4 times to finally do it correctly. And yesterday, I called a man whose suit wasn't complete and told him it was. Notice the pattern here? Maybe I don't belong in retail...
+ If there's an excuse to bake a cake, I'll take it. Adam was having a bad day earlier this week, so, of course, I have to bake a cake. A two layer -funfetti- chocolate frosted cake for love. Love tastes good.


- Pepsi. Normally, I love Pepsi. I mean, I'm not an avid soda drinker, but Pepsi is a drink of choice. And so when I pop open a can of that delicious drink, I expect to be blown away. I do not expect flat.soda. Ew. Ruined my Pepsi can experience.
+ Trip to Bronson this weekend! Adam and I are packing our bags and driving three hours for an engagement session near our good friends! We couldn't be more excited for the mini-vaca, the socializing with old (and new!) friend, and of course, doing what we love to do-- taking pictures! Except a new blog come, Monday! And Annie and Bryant, you better be watching out too! :)

Happy Almost Friday! You've almost made it through the week!

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