Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tara + Eric :: Wedding Sneak Peek!

I never exactly fit the mold.  Why would my business be any different?  I didn't take any photography courses except one I created entitled "I Want to Get Married, So I'll Look at Wedding Photographer Blogs."  Everything I learned was through photographer blogs, forums, google searches, and first-hand experience.  The first four weddings I booked were shot by me and my husband -- without ever seeing one photographed before.  What was I thinking?!  right?

At the end of our first year, I wasn't sure if I should continue pursuing a career in wedding photographer.  I told Adam that if I didn't book a greater amount of weddings for our second year, I wasn't going to continue a third year.  The good Lord must've wanted me to continue with this career path because I exceeded my goal and received inquiries for year three.  SO HAPPY!

This year, I've created a little wiggle-room in our calendar to work with other experienced area photographers to gain more substance for my portfolio, pick up a few technical tips, and garner new professional friendships within the area.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with husband/wife team Emily and Darin from Emily Rae Photography at the Grand Volute Ballrooms in Lowell, Michigan.  She shared camera tips, allowed me to use try out their lenses, and let me watch as the duo worked their magic.

And while I did miss the connection with the clients and being able to pose the parties as I wished when I'm the lead photographer, I definitely enjoyed my day with them and look forward to second-shooting with Emily next month!

Here's a sneak peek of the lovely Tara!  Their day was beautiful...more to come! :)


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