Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To a Good Home.

Meet Magic. I like to call her Madge for short.


Madge lives under Gram's deck. To be honest, I'm the one that got her to stay with my cat whispering ways. Or really, I convinced Gram to feed her. She was just so tiny. Even now, she's as light as a feather. But, even from day one, she's been a love. She'll roll all around lookin' pretty. She totally earns her food with her good looks.

But here's the thing. Poor Madge needs a home. Madge is going to be a Mama! Again! Her black coat is so smooth, and she'll drink milk and eat table scraps, and really, she just needs a home. A couch to lay on and a human to call her own. And you know, I'd be all for it. Except Adam cut me off from getting more pets; well, him and my apartment complex.

Poor Gram can't take care of all these cats and we're trying to find them good homes before we have to take them to the humane society-- can't stand the thought of poor Madge being stuck in there! So, take a looksee. And if you're interested, leave a comment. Believe me, you're going to look into those eyes and NEEEEED her. Just like I do. Just like I wish my husband-to-be could see. ; )



Free to a good home, a good human, a good LOVE.

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